lenary Lectures

  • Gianluigi Botton
    Analytical microscopy of alloy nanocatalysts
  • Nigel D. Browning
    Quantitative in-situ (S)TEM observations of dynamic materials processes
  • Peter A. Crozier
    Vibrational EELS in the TEM
  • Abhaya K. Datye
    Electron Microscopy of the Emission and Trapping of Mobile Species during Catalyst Sintering
  • Pratibha L. Gai and Edward Boyes
    ESTEM of Single Atoms in Catalysis
  • Stig Helveg
    Operando electron microscopy of catalysts at atomic-resolution
  • Nejc Hodnik
    Identical location and in-situ electron microscopy study of electrocatalyst degradation
  • Archie Howie
    Prospects for Improved Characterization of Energy-efficient Materials by Electron Microscopy
  • Krijn de Jong
    Electron Microscopy Studies of Nanoscale Effects in Bifunctional Catalysts
  • Christian Jooß
    Towards controlled electro-chemistry of complex oxides in environmental transmission electron-microscopy
  • Paul Midgley
    Recent Developments in Electron Tomography of Catalysts and Nanoparticles
  • Kunio Takayanagi
    In-situ Lithium Transport in a single Nanowire Electrode of LIB
  • Seiji Takeda
    Aberration corrected ETEM study on the effect of moisture on catalysts in gases

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